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Specialized in tree pruning and tree cutting specialists, the arborists at Arbres et Passion are ready to bring their technical skills and know-how to maintain your trees’ health.

Because our trees are the first indication of a healthy and fertile environment, it is worth having them correctly maintained by engaging the services of competent, qualified and passionate arborists who are passionate about what they do.

Our mission, to help preserve the nature!

Tree felling and
stump removal

Though felling a tree is not always a pleasant thing to do, it can sometimes prove unavoidable. However, it is only carried out as a last resort, when all other options have been exhausted.

If you reside in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges or West Island areas and are faced with this situation, call on the services of our arborists whose’s skills and equipment necessary to carry out this type of operation. Felling a tree must be done carefully and efficiently, and the area around the tree must be properly secured.

There are various circumstances that can lead to
the felling of a tree

  • where it is decaying or dead;
  • where the risk of it uprooting poses a danger to life or property;
  • where it is obstructing a path or road and pruning is not an option;
  • where it is growing close to another tree and impeding that tree’s growth.

If you are in the Vaudreuil-Soulanges or West Island districts, please note that your local tree surgeon is also able to carry out stump removals.

Tree Pruning

Pruning allows you to direct or limit a tree’s growth by cutting off dead branches or those causing an obstruction or nuisance. It also allows you to thin out the branches to allow more sunlight to reach the center of the tree, which favors photosynthesis.

Pruning is carried out as a preventative or corrective measure and must be carefully planned. If it is incorrectly done, pruning can restrict the tree’s growth, subject it to considerable stress, or reduce its energy reserves. If you reside in Vaudreil-Soulanges or West Island, consider engaging the services of a professional to avoid causing damage to your trees. Arbre et Passion’s tree surgeons will bring their knowledge and know-how to the task and will make expert use of the correct climbing techniques, ensuring your tree’s health is not compromised. 


Cables to work without the spur

Travail avec câbles sans éperonsÉperonsArbres et Passion make pruning jobs with the right cables to make working at heights with proper climbing techniques.

Spurs will be used only during tree cutting for the following reason if you use the spurs for work of pruning; spurs perforate the trunk and causes of injuries for the spread of insects, fungi and spores bacteria so the damage will cause many diseases.

Other services

Fruit tree pruning
Fruit tree pruning

Fruit trees, such as apple trees and pear trees, need regular pruning to enhance the yield and quality of their fruit, which pruning achieves by allowing sunlight to penetrate.

Hedge trimming
Hedge trimming

Hedges tend to extend in space over time, but cut once a year limits this effect. A good size will restore look great in your hedges..

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment
Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Trees are frequently subject to attack from insects or diseases. There are certain warning signs that can alert you that these attacks are occurring, such as loss of foliage from the tree's crown, necrosis, withered leaves, the appearance of fungi, or the presence of multiple dead branches. For more information, visit the following ressources:

Tree Guying
Tree Guying

The guying has to consolidate and to strengthen parts of trees prone to breakage because of structural déficiences or other. The installation of one or more shrouds greatly reduces the risk of broken limbs or trunk, to extend the life of your tree.

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